The Kadarian Empire

The Kadarian empire has existed, in one form or another, for some 1500 years. Ruled by various noble families over the years, Kadaria has a legendary reputation for political intrigue and backstabbing. It has also been known for its policy of slow expansion which, after about a millennia, left it the dominant force in Tivyra until the rise of Esrah to the north.

Kadaria has enjoyed its hegemony over the rest of the known world through massive construction projects in the capitol of Kadira. Monarchs have vied to outdo their predecessors in constructing the biggest palace, the mightiest keep, or the holiest church so as to leave their own immortal mark on the empire. These massive works come at the expense of Kadaria’s many citizens and as a result much of the rest of the empire has been in a state of perpetual discontent at seeing their hard earned money going to further glorify a city that most will never see.

Kadaria gains the majority of its income from trade and land taxes, both of which are fairly steep near the capitol but often are circumvented through bribery and other less civilized means as one ventures further and further into the frontier.

Thus far, the Kadarian monarchs have managed to keep the rest of the empire in line, though the have had to give in to several local demands of a lessening of taxation. The notable exception is the alliance of city states known as the Rinne Confederacy, which has been in a state of open rebellion for some three generations now. Kadaria has lost some three wars in an attempt to effectively re-incorporate Rinne into the Kadarian crown, and still refuse to accept Rinne’s autonomy. Due to a lack in iron resources resulting from the embargo of Esrah just before the outbreak of Rinne’s rebellion, Kadaria has not had the military might to succeed. Furthermore, it appears that Rinne has never lost its supply of iron, probably due to a strategic trade route over the Mikalan mountains that separate Esrah from the rest of Tivyra. Add the almost year long duration it takes to go from Kadira to the outskirts of Rinne’s lands and it becomes easy to see just why Rinne has been able to succeed thus far, despite Kadira’s vast advantages in manpower and economic supremacy.

Kadaria remains the known world’s only major world power. It uses this advantage to prevent its own citizens (and those of Rinne) from sending timber to Esrah, a move to protect its only ally, the small kingdom of Nierin, founded on the ancient elven home isle. For several centuries now there has been a growing number of the nobility that have demanded the overturning of this policy so that Kadaria can trade for metals once more and thus defeat the rebellious Rinne government. Thus far, no king has swayed from the embargo.

Though still a first rate power, it is clear that Kadiria no longer enjoys a monopoly on power. Threatened from internal dissent as well as a reinvigorated Mikala under Esrah, it is hard to say whether Kadiria will come out on top or if it will dissolve into oh so many small kingdoms and city states, leaving Esrah as the only remaining major power. Only time will tell.


Avyri Skrytwitch