Crown Colony of Mittanor

  • Population: 2,130,000
  • Races: Human 90%, Half Orc 5%, Gnomish 3%, Others 2%
  • Languages: Wrenic 88%, Orcish 6%, Gnomish 3%
  • Capital: Provincial Capital- Mittanor City
  • Government: The Aliwrenian Government (Mittanor is a colony)


Mittanor is the name given for a vast stretch of mostly uninhabited land along the coast and inland of the Middling Sea. Aliwrenian colonists have flocked here since the acquisition of the land by the nobleman Alfred Mitta, after which the land is named. The lands of Mittanor contain many lush forests and prospects for hunting and farming, making the land quite valuable for the Aliwrenian people. The soil is less than perfect, however, and all new farmsteads need to be created by clearing forests from the land, a labor intensive prospect that is now just beginning to show its fruits.


Mittanor was formerly a central and integral part of the Notagan Empire until its fall in 566. During the time of the Hordes of the Sundering the lands of Mittanor were completely overrun, most of the inhabitants being slaughtered, and the few survivors narrowly escaping to the sanctuary of Kafiona. The peoples of ancient Mittanor have been entirely forgotten, along with their cultures and practices. Only their ruins remain, many of which to this day are undiscovered or unexplored.

The lands of Mittanor became the outer reaches of the Nivarian Empire until their defeat in the First Oceanic War. Never capable of populating the region, Nivaria was incapable of garrisoning sufficient forces to keep Aliwren out, even after Nivaria’s success in the Second and Third Wars. Aliwren has since sent more and more of its people to this vast land; despite eventually holding a population similar in size to the home isle, much of the land remains untapped.

The colonists have come into multiple confrontations with the Hordes which still persist in the northern reaches of Iari. Though many forts have been built and vicious battles have been won, the Hordes shows no sign of abating their constant incursions into Mittanorin lands. This has troubled Aliwren greatly, for the costs of holding off the Horde has become quite substantial. Regardless, the people that have settled Mittanor are firm in defending their homes, and show no signs of giving up the defense of their lands.

Foreign Relations

Unlike Aliwren, the colonists feel little to no antipathy towards Nivaria, for they see these peoples as a common ally against the Hordes, Mittanor’s principle enemy. Other than that the colony is geared to its own survival and the prosperity of the greater Aliwrenian Empire. As such, the foreign policy held in other aspects is one and the same with the motherland of Aliwren.


Seen in a similar light as the Aliwren mainlanders, but with a more rustic edge.


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